“Scott is an excellent teacher! He was my broker when I started in real estate in 2007.”

Nita Glover Sims Coldwell Banker RPM

“If you love Law AND Real Estate, as I do, and have been waiting for that connection–Scott Allen Jones is the answer. I highly recommend this education over the latter. New to Real Estate or a veteran, ACES is the way to go!

Kate Stebbins, Edge Realty

“Passed the test this morning (first try). Your approach, delivery and associated material were spot on. Excellent job!”

Randy Childers Keller Williams

I attended Scott Jones’ 60-hour pre-licensing course for my real estate license. He was super knowledgable on all course material. After I completed the course, Scott was always available to answer any questions I had while studying to take the exam. I strongly recommend him if you are considering getting your real estate license.

Anna Ruth Douglass, Coldwell Banker PRM

Very impressed with the entire experience. Very professional and the Instructor was totally accessible for questions and clarification.

Jon Frey Keller Williams

I have taken both the pre- and post-licensing courses with Scott at ACES within the last year. Despite the vast amount of facts and information one must learn, Scott was able to present it all in a way that was easy to absorb. He was (and still is) always available for help with any questions I had/have. I highly recommend his courses if you are searching for a knowledgeable instructor who is as invested in your endeavor as you are yourself!

Shelley Bates, Village Villas

I took my 60 hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing course at ACES, with Scott Jones. Scott Jones is the BEST Instructor I have ever met. He has a way of teaching that is by far the best in the Real Estate Industry. I passed my exam on the first attempt after having waited 3 months from graduation from the course. He was so awesome that what he taught is literally stuck in my head forever. I’ve talked to numerous new agents that went to ACES (Scott Jones) and they all passed their exam on the first attempt, when speaking with new agents (or individuals still trying to get their license), very few if any passed on the first attempt and many had to buy some online study guide and review it on their own before they could master the exam.
So, if you want to LEARN the 60 hours of pre-licensing information that is taught, and want to get your license the first go round, ACES is the School and Scott Jones is the Instructor.

Deborah Wright Keller Williams

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